The Rainy Day

This story's lesson is "It's o.k. to be cross, but not o.k. to be rude". It tells a story of baking on a rainy day, where the friends react to their anger in an unhealthy way. It resolves with mutual apologies and a fun compromise activity, teaching the value of remorse and forgiveness. The vocabulary theme is kitchen and baking words.

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The Wet Shorts

The lesson here is "Be kind always, especially when someone is sad". The Story is about Zaza having a toileting accident, and Zippi's kindness after his friend feels embarassed. They resolve the toileting issue by playing dolls and role playing toileting with the dolls. The vocabulary theme in this story is toileting.

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The Little Ears

The lesson in this story is "Always share with your friends". The story is about Zippi not waiting his turn, a snatching situation and the sad results of that behaviour. The resolution comes when the friends decide to say sorry and take turns. The vocabulary theme targets animal words.  

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The Twirly Ice Cream

This story's lesson is "When accidents happen, choose to think of something fun, to help you smile". This story encourages children to feel their valid feelings, but also empowers them with the knowledge that they can choose positive thoughts and feelings over negative ones. The story tells of dropping an ice cream on the pavement and the ensuing sadness, only to resolve with a fun activity that takes the mind off of a sad situation. The vocabulary theme here targets road safety and town words. 

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The Backyard Beach

The lesson in this story is "Play gently with your friends". The two friends create their own backyard beach and proceed to get wet and sandy with much fuss and bother. The resolution comes where they both decide to be kind rather than react angrily, and mix both sand and water together to make mud. The vocabulary theme here targets beach words. 

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